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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kingdom Hearts 2 Review

I'm a game and movie lover! and some of my favorite game titles are from the Final Fantasy series, and I'm a big fan of almost all Disney animated films. Combining this two very popular brands creates the birth of one of the best game ever produced for PS2! and that is Kingdom Hearts. Well now comes the follow-up for this very successful game: Kingdom Hearts 2.

If you think this is just any ordinary sequel, well think again. Kingdom Hearts 2 prove, yet again, that some consoles shine brightest in the twilight of their cycle. Poetic imagery aside, where do you start? Killer graphics, beautiful music, solid combat, great story, over 100 Disney and Final Fantasy characters... Kingdom Hearts 2 has it all. The only improvement I could see being made is a better link between the levels, and more time spent with Tron and the other great levels.


* Tron!
* Best of Disney + Best of Final Fantasy = PS2's killer app, Kingdom Hearts 2
* All the charm of the first game with none of the game play issues
* Updated graphics and art direction make this a stunning title


* The levels feel a little to "episodic"
* Some of the best levels are too short, and some of the annoying ones... well, they're short too


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