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Friday, August 25, 2006

On The Lighter Side: Let's Wink! ;-)

I was browsing through my pics, when I saw this! A Pic taken during our cover shoot for GP Magazine's Escape issue. It's a shot of me and my Fashion Editor's dog Xiaofu doing our signature wink!

We use winking as an intentional facial expression made by closing one eye; it is distinguished from the blink by the fact that the other eye remains open. If you know me well, you’d know for a fact that Im a person who love’s to wink (well sometimes I do it unconsiously). Aside from the fact that I find winking very cute, it’s my way of giving approval to something I like, or my own way of making “pa-cute”. I also use winking as a form of semi-formal communication, which indicates shared, unspoken knowledge.

A wink can silently indicate a shared secret, such as if a guy secretly slides his digits on another guy's pocket and says "here you go". Infrequently, it may also mean "got it" or "yes, I understand".

In Gay cultures, men may wink to men they are interested in dating, but this has grown out of fashion though it is still used occasionally.

Old-fashioned way of flirting or just a form of charm? Let's re-discover this old way to be cute and flirty. Just for fun... here are the first part of pics I collected asking some of my friends to show me their cutest, sexiest and wackiest winks! you be the judge. Im aiming to have atleast 100 wink photos! if you have a wink photo you want to share, you can email it to me and I will include it in my next post. Thanks!


Anonymous oliver said...

hey where can i seen my pic to be part of this?

2:20 PM  

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