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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Thons!

I'ts PR Man Thons Edaño's birthday gathering last night at Masas Greenbelt 4 & Music 21!

It would take more than a warm night and one rude waiter from Masas to ruin the closed door soiree for Thons. Attented by friends close to his heart, Thons Edaño celebrated his 22nd existence with a bang! We then continued to party at Music21, singing Thon's favorite songs (sort of our tribute for the social cutterfly). And as expected, the night evolved into a fun-filled Thon's Edaño concert! Happy Birthday Thons!


Blogger said...

awwwww cute picture!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

you guys seem to have a great time! happy birthday thons & cheers to kenji

5:50 PM  
Anonymous robert said...

having a great time huh! u guys look nice. hapi birthday to you thons and keep it up kboi

12:18 AM  

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