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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

21 Things: 1 Perfect Kboi Work-Station

Kboi's 21 must-haves to Looking Better, Behaving Better, and Working Better

  1. A super cool Apple Mac G5: common! you need the coolest machine in order to create the coolest drawings and magazine!
  2. Speakers: You need inspiration, so whenever im at the office I make sure we play nice music all day. (That's Kylie music all day)
  3. Wacom Tablet: You need this to create that jaw dropping drawings and perfect lay-outs for GP magazine.
  4. Mobile Phone: Who doesn't have a mobile phone?! you need this when youre always on the go! (youre mobile should be 3G capable. For extra cool points!)
  5. Snack 01: When youre a busy person sometimes you need a quick snack! well that's just my excuse for eating at my desk...
  6. Kylie Doll: We all know that Im a huge Kylie Minogue fan. So that explains the doll.
  7. PR Manager: You need the best PR man to handle all the publicity works for your cool drawings and magazine. / 7.5. His Mouth: The best PR Manager should be equipped with the best tool for all the blah-blah-blahs!
  8. Smiling Art Director (AD): And I don't mean just any AD. You need a jolly, hard-working, very creative AD!
  9. AD's Cork Board: This is where we pin our lay-outs, ideas and pegs. It's also a useful tool to cover those boring white walls.
  10. AD's Coffee: Courtesy of Starbucks. Now you don't want your AD sleeping after a night of tiring overtime.
  11. AD's Headphones: Your AD also needs his own inspiration, which he also gets by listening to his favorite music. Im sure he won't hear it because youre playing your tracks loud with your big speakers (ref: item #2) thus he needs his headphones. With this he doesn't need to hear your kylie songs everyday.
  12. Editor In Chief / Creative Director (EIC/CD): That's me.....
  13. Bouncing Managing Editor (ME): Whenever you see the EIC/CD you also find the ME. Bouncing her way to all the deadlines.
  14. The very stylish Fashion Editor (FE): Behind a top magazine there's always a stylish, hip and cool FE.
  15. The Pink GP Notebook (w/ mirrorball bookmark): This holds my schedules, notes and doodles.
  16. Magazines/Books: You need a massive collection of magazines and reference books to know what's happening in the industry. It is also a good way for you to compare ideas and learn techniques.
  17. Cigarette: You need a yosi break to clear your head. It's also a good time for you to invite ideas.
  18. Travel Pack Tissue: Sanitary purposes? do i need to explain?
  19. Trendy Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from the harmful sun, and also a stylish way to cover your eyes during power naps!
  20. Snack 02: When youre a busy person you need a quick snack! like creating this long blog, you deserve a bag of chips. Well again that's just my excuse for eating alot....
  21. Serious and Sharp Associate Editor (AE): AE makes sure your magazine is word perfect for publishing. You can also find a bag of chips at her desk. Hey! were a busy team! we deserve a snack. Again...that's another excuse for a team who loves to munch.


Blogger BitchyMikeyMike said...

your work station is amazing!!!

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!!! ;) -jman

12:06 PM  

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