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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Thons!

I'ts PR Man Thons Edaño's birthday gathering last night at Masas Greenbelt 4 & Music 21!

It would take more than a warm night and one rude waiter from Masas to ruin the closed door soiree for Thons. Attented by friends close to his heart, Thons Edaño celebrated his 22nd existence with a bang! We then continued to party at Music21, singing Thon's favorite songs (sort of our tribute for the social cutterfly). And as expected, the night evolved into a fun-filled Thon's Edaño concert! Happy Birthday Thons!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Move-Over! Bestfriend Coming Through

It's easy to make and find friends,
But there are few who can be your true friends. For me I have Mikee..

I recently had a chance to chat with my bestfriend Mikee, he's now based in Causeway Bay in Hongkong and Guangdong China being the Chief Designer for Spectois Jeans. A leading brand in HK. Im very excited with this new brand because every Spectois collection sets itself the goal of providing totally flawless products. The company's production cycle guarantees controls at every step of manufacturing, from cutting through of finishing, especially for jeans, which are the brand's core business. Spectois is ditributed in 15 countries across the world and targets a medium-high market group, through innovative boutiques and particularly advance jeans stores. The customer base is made up of demanding, discerning men who want a quality product with plenty of content and a strong identity. The country that seems to have picked up most all on the design message and fashion content of SPECOIS is Great Britain, where the brand has notched up remarkable success for a 100% italian label. Seasonal collections are completed and further boosted by a project of "limited edition" garments made with exclusive fabrics and innovative design, exclusively for top boutiques.

It was a busy night at malate when I went there with my cousin. He introduced me to this very thin dark gay guy who noticed my partner rather than acknowledging my presence. From that moment I instantly felt that this guy will play a big part in my life. And he did, we bacame really good friends. Treating each other as family. We went through a-lot, just like normal bestfriends we shared problems form love to disposing bergamo utensils. When I was based in singapore as a marketing officer, mikee was the one who convinced me to go back to manila and pursue my drawing career. Following his instinct I left my well-paying job and started doing illustrations for famous gay clubs here. And it was the best decision I have done for my career, and I know mikee was proud of me. But now, it's mikee's turn to shine. He is now making waves as a designer in HK! I must say it has always been his dream to become a well know fashion designer and i remember the days when we used to talk for hours at cafes drafting our success path. Now I already reached my dream of becoming a Creative Director and Illustrator, and Mikee is now an accomplished Fashion Designer. Cheers to us!

Friday, August 25, 2006

On The Lighter Side: Let's Wink! ;-)

I was browsing through my pics, when I saw this! A Pic taken during our cover shoot for GP Magazine's Escape issue. It's a shot of me and my Fashion Editor's dog Xiaofu doing our signature wink!

We use winking as an intentional facial expression made by closing one eye; it is distinguished from the blink by the fact that the other eye remains open. If you know me well, you’d know for a fact that Im a person who love’s to wink (well sometimes I do it unconsiously). Aside from the fact that I find winking very cute, it’s my way of giving approval to something I like, or my own way of making “pa-cute”. I also use winking as a form of semi-formal communication, which indicates shared, unspoken knowledge.

A wink can silently indicate a shared secret, such as if a guy secretly slides his digits on another guy's pocket and says "here you go". Infrequently, it may also mean "got it" or "yes, I understand".

In Gay cultures, men may wink to men they are interested in dating, but this has grown out of fashion though it is still used occasionally.

Old-fashioned way of flirting or just a form of charm? Let's re-discover this old way to be cute and flirty. Just for fun... here are the first part of pics I collected asking some of my friends to show me their cutest, sexiest and wackiest winks! you be the judge. Im aiming to have atleast 100 wink photos! if you have a wink photo you want to share, you can email it to me and I will include it in my next post. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

21 Things: 1 Perfect Kboi Work-Station

Kboi's 21 must-haves to Looking Better, Behaving Better, and Working Better

  1. A super cool Apple Mac G5: common! you need the coolest machine in order to create the coolest drawings and magazine!
  2. Speakers: You need inspiration, so whenever im at the office I make sure we play nice music all day. (That's Kylie music all day)
  3. Wacom Tablet: You need this to create that jaw dropping drawings and perfect lay-outs for GP magazine.
  4. Mobile Phone: Who doesn't have a mobile phone?! you need this when youre always on the go! (youre mobile should be 3G capable. For extra cool points!)
  5. Snack 01: When youre a busy person sometimes you need a quick snack! well that's just my excuse for eating at my desk...
  6. Kylie Doll: We all know that Im a huge Kylie Minogue fan. So that explains the doll.
  7. PR Manager: You need the best PR man to handle all the publicity works for your cool drawings and magazine. / 7.5. His Mouth: The best PR Manager should be equipped with the best tool for all the blah-blah-blahs!
  8. Smiling Art Director (AD): And I don't mean just any AD. You need a jolly, hard-working, very creative AD!
  9. AD's Cork Board: This is where we pin our lay-outs, ideas and pegs. It's also a useful tool to cover those boring white walls.
  10. AD's Coffee: Courtesy of Starbucks. Now you don't want your AD sleeping after a night of tiring overtime.
  11. AD's Headphones: Your AD also needs his own inspiration, which he also gets by listening to his favorite music. Im sure he won't hear it because youre playing your tracks loud with your big speakers (ref: item #2) thus he needs his headphones. With this he doesn't need to hear your kylie songs everyday.
  12. Editor In Chief / Creative Director (EIC/CD): That's me.....
  13. Bouncing Managing Editor (ME): Whenever you see the EIC/CD you also find the ME. Bouncing her way to all the deadlines.
  14. The very stylish Fashion Editor (FE): Behind a top magazine there's always a stylish, hip and cool FE.
  15. The Pink GP Notebook (w/ mirrorball bookmark): This holds my schedules, notes and doodles.
  16. Magazines/Books: You need a massive collection of magazines and reference books to know what's happening in the industry. It is also a good way for you to compare ideas and learn techniques.
  17. Cigarette: You need a yosi break to clear your head. It's also a good time for you to invite ideas.
  18. Travel Pack Tissue: Sanitary purposes? do i need to explain?
  19. Trendy Sunglasses: To protect your eyes from the harmful sun, and also a stylish way to cover your eyes during power naps!
  20. Snack 02: When youre a busy person you need a quick snack! like creating this long blog, you deserve a bag of chips. Well again that's just my excuse for eating alot....
  21. Serious and Sharp Associate Editor (AE): AE makes sure your magazine is word perfect for publishing. You can also find a bag of chips at her desk. Hey! were a busy team! we deserve a snack. Again...that's another excuse for a team who loves to munch.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Im very excited for the next CircuitAsia event! This is my 1st time to render my artwork for the internationally-acclaimed party "Salvation Gold Disco".

CircuitAsia redeems partying in Manila by bringing Salvation London! In the throbbing heart of london's West End, the beautiful and stylish congregate for their monthly fix of those signature funky, tribal sounds that have made Salvation a must for clubbers across Europe and beyond.

With it's worldwide reputation of delivering quality productions and cutting-egde sounds by its stable of internationally famous DJ stars, Salvation continues to attract loyal fans and tasteful music lovers the world over.

Weekend Blast!

A night of colors, beats and pops! Kboi invades Embassy, ManilaPride, GodsKitchen and Government!

It was again a funfilled weekend! I had a blast hanging out with my friends as we drank and partied our nights away. Last friday I was at Embassy Club for Fashion TV's launch party. Then went straight to Government Club for DJ Brit's 1st year anniversary! it was fun fun fun!

Saturday we attended CircuitAsia's Manila Pride! It was a colorful event celebrating love and pride! with a fabulous set design by me ofcourse, Believe me it was a challenge to create a 16 ft high lights show. But I hope you guys enjoyed the rainbow lights we created to boost your party moods.With DJ's like Toy Armada, Manolet Dario and my favorite Tony Pavia CircuitAsia's ManilaPride once again delivered a world class party! I also did a quick peak at BigFish's God'sKitchen. My night did not finished there..we ended our night with a bang at Government for the "Triple Drop" event. Fantastic music! with my friends Robbie Carmona, Brit and Steven Love who's recently back from new york spinning beats that made the crowd ecstatic!

Friday, August 18, 2006


I have a treat to all my Kboi art fans out there, my official website will be online this coming September 2006! I have been receiving a lot of request and it's about time I give it back to you guys! will showcase a massive collection of my homoerotic arts,and news and infos about my life as an artist. Watch out!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Grand Escape!

Just a few days ago my niece asked me, how do I escape from life’s shit?! (well she didn't actually used the word shit*) I just told her that creating this magazine is a form of my escape. For me, expressing my creative ideas and watching them come to life is my greatest escape.

But why do we need to escape?

What are the reasons that normally force us to find a way to escape? In life, when everything becomes routinary, sometimes it’s good to interrupt a specific rythm of life. It can be a welcome intermission from a mad schedule and life’s humdrum, but sometimes being in transition is when interesting things happen. On the process of creating this magazine, I have learned a lot and have also met alot of interesting people.

I’m very excited because for the first time GP Magazine managed to gather some of the biggest and meanest villainess in our tv, movie and theater industry! God I love my job! Working on this issue skyrocketed me to direct a fashion shoot that consist all the Contrabidas I adore in the industry! Just imagine in one room with the great Celia Rodriquez, Jean Garcia, Pinky Amador, Mylene Dizon, Gladys Reyes and ofcourse my favorite..Cherie Gil! It was my hardest shoot to date! but what the heck! it's still a dream come true.

Making our two other fashion spreads that illustrates contemporary escape adventures revolving around debauchery and fantasy is also a challenge not just for me but also for the entire team. But again we managed to pull it all together! The ultimate offering in this issue that will tease the hell out of ur imagination is Victor Basa (Yum!).

Creating the new escape issue of GP Magazine somehow provided me my own escape pod from my usual clubbing, dramas and pops! I hope this new issue will provide an interesting escape at the comforts of your own space. Sometimes, fiction is a more pleasurable realm than reality itself.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Real Saturday Itch!

What satisfies you? What is the single most important thing in your life? For me, my world revolves around's more like my passion rather than amusement, pastime or distraction, and ofcourse there's "love". But what happens when suddenly it feels like your spirit has already been broken, and can no longer distinguish if you can love?

Lastnight I had dinner with my friends at gb3 then afterwards went straight to my friend's pad and grabbed a couple of beers. Yes, stranglely this past few days I have been drinking alot, mind you I have few excuses tucked in my pocket why suddenly Im alcholic kuno! Well after few more rounds, I find myself confiding to my friends about the nuts that has been running in my head lately. I was having problems with finding myself and knowing what I really want in life, in other words... Im lost & confused. It turns out my other friend was also feeling the same way about himself, he was unhappy. It was a very long talk that made me realize, we are not just trying to find the reason why we are unhappy. We are just looking for our own reasons to love and be loved. Which reminded me of my comic series entitled "Saturday Itch" that recently made it's debut in GP Magazine's The Great Escape Issue--It's a story about different kinds of love in 5 re-incarnations that is seen through the eyes of 5 gay men. Am I like the characters I created in my comics?

Why do we always have the itch to go out during weekends? is it really just to have fun? Just like the characters in my comics I believe we are all somehow lonely and in-search of the things that would make us contented and happy. We look forward to our weekends in order to go out and get our "chance" to finally meet the person or experience situations which will give us the reason to love. We are excited to do our weekend clubbings to finally hang-out with our friends--another channel for us to experience love that can somehow be a substitute for what we are really searching for. Some may use their weekend nights to escape their usual life and be somebody different and somehow gain love even for a short while. We can come up with an army of reasons why we have the itch to go out..but it all boils down to one major reason, no one wants to be alone all the time. Everyone wants to have fun and experience how to love and be genuinely loved.

I told my friends, I thought I already had it. I have a good career, loving friends and I was in a 3 year relationship with my partner. That can be enough bounds for me to say that I already have what can make me happy...but I guess not genuine love. Halfway through our conversation, I've learned that no matter how long you stay in a situation or relationship, you may still not experience love if you do not learn how to love yourself first. You can do all impossible things, search all hidden places, but in the end you might get surprised that the love you are looking for was always there within you. And it took me 6 years to know this. Life is about learning to love yourself one day at a time, it's your own journey. You may meet interesting characters along the way who can always share love when you feel that love no longer exist within yourself. But at the end of the will always be just you. So when else should we start loving and respecting ourselves?

The sun was already rising when we decided we should all go home and rest. We left my friend's pad with a smile in our faces knowing that where lucky..This week, we may have missed our chance to meet love. But we know, that chance is still coming, and that what makes all of us get up, be hopeful that maybe this coming weekend, finally we can get our own genuine love or finally learn to love ourselves. But if not? hey! there's always the next saturday itch.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada Premiere

I was at The Podium last night to attend the press screening for my most anticipated movie of the month..."The Devil Wears Prada". And just as I expected the movie was devilish!

Well why wont I enjoy the movie? the plot revolves around the savage but glitzy world of fashion magazines. Being in the same arena as the Editor In Chief and Creative Director for GP Magazine--a glossy LGBT lifestyle and fashion magazine, Devil Wears Prada is by far my favorite comedy film of the year, next to Wedding Crashers and The Break Up ofcourse. Aside from the alluring story of a college graduate named Andy Sachs played by Anne Hathaway--vying to get the job a million young women in New York would die for and actually tries to survive it. Devil Wears Prada yet again showcased an amazing performance by one of my favorite actress Meryl Streep who played the vicious Miranda Priestly--the most powerful woman in the fashion industry who aims to make Runway magazine the fashion bible of New York and therefore the world.

From beginnig to end I was glued to the movie..I didn't like some song selections though, for me the songs failed to level with the movie's appeal. Thankfully they included two Madonna tracks "Jump" and "Vouge". Well enough with my spoilers! I would trust you will get your lazy ass off that couch and actually go out and watch the movie! trust me it's very entertaining! and you might learn a thing or two about fashion.

BED, Boyz and Beer!

That's Me..with JP Ng

Kboi, GP's Fashion Editor Qua, Luwi and Edmond

I was at Bed bar last saturday! and I must say I enjoyed!! Suprisingly I finished 3 bottles of beer...Hey I don't really drink, it was just recently my friend introduced me to my new found bestfriend...BEER! Here are a couple of pics with my fashion editor Qua and friends. Enjoy

Monday, August 14, 2006


Alas! Welcome to my very first Blog.

-If you're in trouble, real trouble, the word on the street is that there's a man who'll help. He'll listen to your story, and he'll make a judgment. If he thinks you're wrong, you're out on your ass. If he thinks you've been wronged, you'll never have a better friend. For once, the word on the street is good. There is such a man.

His calling card reads, "KBOI, Hero For Hire." The card, however, is almost entirely bullshit. Nobody knows what his real name is, but you can bet it ain't "Kenji", and the "For Hire" only applies if he thinks you can pay the freight. If you can't it don't make no nevermind. In fact, the only truth to the card is the part where it says "Hero." You can trust your life to Kenji. He is a man of honor in a dishonorable world. And when he says he will do something, it is done.

Here's what KBOI knows: He wants to continue with his life. Which leaves him with a couple of questions. Why does he want to continue? And just what exactly is life to him, He's searching for the answers. One thing he knows for sure, his passion for making art is going to have to take a back seat to higher ideals. Since his morals have always kept him from using his abilities to make himself successful (he's barely keeping the wolf from the door right now), Kenji has nothing to lose by making his moral code explicit. From now on, he's going to pick and choose people purely on the basis of what he thinks is right. If Kenji decides to take a person, they will honor him whatever their pocketbook can bear.

People will guide him, not rule him. And now that he is completely his own man, he has set a task for himself: to define exactly who that man is going to be. And as we've seen, once Kenji has set a goal, he is relentless in its pursuit.

The story of KBOI , is the story of redefinition of his beliefs, of his moral code and of his self.